Introduction by managing partners Freek Aertsen and André Vriens

Are you asking the right question?

Planning and forecasting in the big data area
We are living in an ‘…era where 50 percent of the Fortune 500 from 2000 no longer exist,’ according to And the speed in which this number is being reduced continues to accelerate.

The world is changing. Are we? Managing Partner EyeOn Frenk Aertsen and Managing Partner EyeOn André Vriens handled six current trends and their impact on the world: the digital society, the techno society, the legal society, the sustainable society, the millennial society and the glocal community. 

Trends that disrupt and change our lives 
Frenk showed how social media and digital product reviews have influenced our interaction with others including our buying behaviour. André demonstrated how consumers drive change. James Bond’s futuristic jetpack worn 50 years ago is produced today for customers. 

Other fascinating developments were touched upon. Is a robot allowed to make a legal agreement? This is not as farfetched as you probably think since Japan already has a hotel with robots as employees. In terms of privacy, are we allowed to reuse Facebook data when making predictions? A demand for ‘tweaked and customized’ local farm products and brands is developing alongside low-cost manufacturing in foreign regions such as Asia. The millennial mindset requires employers to adjust their approach towards millennial employees by taking their needs and career aspirations into account.

How to respond to these trends?
So, what do these various trends mean for forecasting and planning? More intense collaboration is necessary; this pertains to the interaction between humans and machines as well since we might have to coach robots in the future. Data and business know-how can help you ask the right questions and find the right answers. Ask questions outside your own silo and use data for other purposes. 

Despite some of these worrisome statistics, have fun and don’t forget to go on a fishing expedition. Collaborate, work with machines and be agile.

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