Session Corbion

Business-driven advances to IBP

Integration is key according to Dutch food and biochemical company Corbion. Boudewijn van Nuland, VP of Integrated Business Planning at Corbion, addresses the audience from the back of the room, saying his goal is to show those in attendance a ‘different perspective.’

Boudewijn Van Nuland comes from a business background. And his point today is that driving towards a higher S&OP maturity is significantly easier when it is driven from the business side.

Improving the quality of the S&OP gearbox only works if there is a single company plan, if things are integrated.  And it is easier for business to influence operations than the other way around.

The self-described ‘change-agent’ challenged his audience to find different things they can do going forward. ‘Whether you are on the business or the operations side, is it possible to link yourselves with the other side rather than staying in own column?’

Corbion is only a couple of years into its journey towards a single company plan. But already, its success is in its statistics: over the past five years, the company’s share price increased by a factor of 2.5, and the implementation of a business-style S&OP has improved forecasting accuracy by more than five percent. Supply-demand crises have also decreased.

‘We can improve,’ says van Nuland. ‘But what works well is commitment from finance, operations, supply chain and business people. We are trying to make it better every single day, and we have a project in place to improve efficiency and effectiveness for all of us.’

Lauren Comiteau
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