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Oceanco: An anticipative mindset to achieve quality and on-time delivery

Mario Caerio, strategy planner with world-class builder of custom superyachts Oceanco, on improving adaptability.

Mario Caerio’s presentation focuses on ways in which Oceanco can achieve better synergy with its contractors—which he calls ‘co-makers’—to manage a project together on time with the quality a customer expects.

Custom yacht design and building faces the same issues as commercial shipbuilding, but also confronts additional challenges based on the individual nature of the product and the scope of each project—often four to five years in the making. Within this time, changes—such as technological advancements—require shifts in design and planning. To meet the expectations of a client, the process must be adaptable. 

This requires a cultural shift in which projects are approached from the perspective of a partnership. Oceanco works closely with co-makers—giving them visibility with the client and creating the project management structure—but there is room for improvement in joint project control to ensure client satisfaction. 

Caerio describes the planning philosophy in terms of combing a top-down creative approach—Oceanco creates the plan and sells it to the client—with a bottom-up approach—the contractor validates the plan and ensures it can be successful within the parameters set. 

The main focus of the business strategy is to improve efficiency by monitoring what happens on the shop floor. This will require closer communication and reporting from the operational side, and more ownership of that end of the process by the contractors, to enable Oceanco to focus on the strategic side. 

To be as adaptable yet practical as possible requires an anticipative mindset, rather than a structure that is action-minded, prepared to ‘fight fires’ and solve problems as they arise. The focus needs to be more on ‘what-if’ scenarios and preparing to be ready to react when things do not go to plan. Internally and externally, this is the target of Oceanco’s business mindset.

Tracy Brown
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