Keynote Richard van Hooijdonk

Trendz! towards 2030

We ‘…are sitting on the forefront of great changes that will take place in the fields of economy, work, society, technology, media, marketing, entrepreneurship and science. Robots, drones, big data, Internet of Things, virtual reality, biotech, neurotech and blockchain create new opportunities and new business models emerge. You need to be prepared for the future.’

Certainly, Trendwatcher and Futurist, Richard van Hooijdonk, already is. He’s part of the Internet of Things. He’s had a RFID chip implanted in his body and plans to swallow an electronic pill to detect health problems (viruses, heart attacks) in six months from now. 

During this entertaining presentation, Richard told us about our technological world in 2030 and beyond. You must take the initiative, explains Richard. Passionate and curious inspirators will be rewarded. Those who don’t adapt will be left behind. It happened to Kodak and Blockbusters. Companies that don’t evolve most likely will not survive. Large companies will downsize, acquire new management, outsource work and become more flexible. Algorithms will play a significant role in running businesses. A clear strategy, managing uncertainty, investing in innovative technology, are all key to business survival.

Predictions are that the job loss rate will hit 70-80% in the near future. For one, repetitive tasks will be automated and done by robots. For example, they’ll build our houses and do the driving. Our job descriptions will radically change: passion, curiosity, imagination and resilience are a selection of the new skills we will need. A universal basic income is necessary since we will work fewer hours. Fortunately, due to robots and 3D printing, products will be less expensive.   

Change is the only constant factor. Disruption can trigger huge opportunities. Welcome to the future. 

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